SleepSoul Space Mattress

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Brand new to Birlea the SleepSoul Space mattress offers you luxurious comfort, giving you a superb night’s sleep.

This mattress offers 2000 pocket springs and a box top layer which will conform to your bodies shape, supporting you where you need it most and preventing the roll-together effect.

All our SleepSoul mattresses come vacuum packed and boxed for extra convenience.

Sleep easy with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, so achieve that good night’s sleep that you deserve with SleepSoul by Birlea.

Remove the inner plastic wrap and wait for the magic to happen. In 2 hours its good and in 24 hours its great!

Our SleepSoul range is available in 4 sizes; 3ft single, 4ft small double, 4ft6 double and 5ft King size.

Learn more about SleepSoul here.

Time and time again we hear the question, “how does a mattress fit in a box?”. It’s a bit of magic and we’re about the share the secret below.

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Sub Type Product Code Colour Item Size Range Material Style Height Width Length Comfort Rating Number Boxes
Pocket Sprung SS-46SPAC2000 White 4'6ft SleepSoul Pocket Sprung Modern 340 1350 1900 3 1
Pocket Sprung SS-4SPAC2000 White 4ft SleepSoul Pocket Sprung Modern 340 1200 1900 3 1
Pocket Sprung SS-5SPAC2000 White 5ft SleepSoul Pocket Sprung Modern 340 1500 1900 3 1

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Comfort guide