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Office & Sales Agent Manager

  • Interesting Fact: I had my front teeth go straight through my bottom lip in an accident.
  • Greatest Achievement: Buying my first house when I was 18.
  • Favourite Food: Pizza.

Sarah L

Finance Director

  • Interesting Fact: I trained as a junior team GB diver.
  • Greatest Achievement: Completing the Great North Run.
  • Favourite Food: Tomatoes.


Key Account Manager

  • Interesting Fact: Used to work on an oil terminal.
  • Greatest Achievement: Being a Dad.
  • Favourite Food: Pizza.

Sarah F

Operations Manager

    • Interesting Fact: Steps taught me the iconic Tragedy dance moves!
    • Greatest Achievement: I performed with British dancer and choreographer Wayne Sleep
    • Favourite Food: Mums Mac and Cheese.


Warehouse Manager

  • Interesting Fact: Long suffering Nuneaton Boro fan, someone has to be.
  • Greatest Achievement: my daughter, Tia
  • Favourite food: Jack Daniels


Supply Chain & Warehouse Operation Manager

  • Interesting Fact: Used to be in a band that supported Kasabian on tour (back in the pre kids days).
  • Greatest Achievement: Being a Leicester City FC fan (Followed by my 3 daughters).
  • Favourite Food: Burgers



Credit Controller

  • Interesting Fact: Live in a family group with my dog Eva on a farm owned by the Queen.
  • Greatest Achievement: Moving from Essex to the Midlands – Life changing!
  • Favourite Food: All types – Chinese, Indian, etc.


Accounts Assistant

    • Interesting Fact: I have a Jack Russell puppy called Frank.
    • Greatest Achievement: Going on an American exchange when I was 17.
    • Favourite Food: Nandos!


Credit Controller

  • Interesting Fact: I have played Rapunzel, Cinderella and Aladdin in Aston’s local pantomime!
  • Greatest Achievement: Buying a house at 20.
  • Favourite Food: Burgers!


Credit Controller

  • Interesting Fact: I’ve moved house 14 times and finally settled.
  • Greatest Achievement: Bringing my daughter up on my own.
  • Favourite Food: Korean BBQ Bulgogi.


Accounts Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I’ve met the lead singer from Iron Maiden.
  • Greatest Achievement: Getting married.
  • Favourite Food: Anything in a takeaway box.



Commercial Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I have a deaf dog.
  • Greatest Achievement: Buying my first house.
  • Favourite Food: Chinese


Supply Chain Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: Saw Daley Thompson win Olympic Gold in Moscow 1980 in the Decathlon
  • Greatest Achievement: Having children
  • Favourite Food: Banoffee Pie

Direct Home Delivery


Senior Direct Home Delivery Distribution Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I can curl my tongue.
  • Greatest Achievement: Owning a Car.
  • Favourite Food: Fried Chicken.


Direct Home Delivery Distribution Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I’ve been to the bottom of the Red Sea scuba diving.
  • Greatest Achievement: Achieving A’s in Media / Graphic design.
  • Favourite Food: Chocolate!


Direct Home Delivery Distribution Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I have a powerboat licence.
  • Greatest Achievement: In 2013 the Sea Cadet Corps selected me to talk on national morning television for Armistice day. I was selected out of 14,000 Cadets.
  • Favourite Food: Pasta.



Transport Manager

  • Interesting Fact: I once sold a bright yellow sofa to former Aston Villa striker Dalian Atkinson.
  • Greatest Achievement: I went to Cyprus when I was 20 for a holiday and stayed for 4 years before finally returning to the UK.
  • Favourite Food: Chicken Souvlaki


Vehicle Maintenance Manager

  • Interesting Fact: I lived in New Zealand for 10 years.
  • Greatest Achievement: My son Archie.
  • Favourite Food: Indian.


Transport Planner

  • Interesting Fact: I have visited America 36 times!
  • Greatest Achievement: My degree in geography.
  • Favourite Food: Chinese.


Distribution Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I have two twin sisters.
  • Greatest Achievement: My business management degree.
  • Favourite Food: Nando’s.

Customer Service & Sales


Senior Admin

  • Interesting Fact: I was once in a music video.
  • Greatest Achievement: Buying my first house at 20.
  • Favourite Food: Unfortunately I like everything.


Admin Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I did a hairdressing apprenticeship when I left school.
  • Greatest Achievement: Becoming a mum in 2017
  • Favourite Food: My mums Sunday roast!


Customer Services

  • Interesting Fact: I live in Vienna for 5 years.
  • Greatest Achievement: Becoming a mum.
  • Favourite Food: Pizza

Next Day


Next Day Operations Supervisor

  • Interesting Fact: Used to play for Derby County Under 18’s
  • Greatest Achievement: Completing my BA Honours Degree in Business Management.
  • Favourite Food: Indian.


Next Day Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I used to play the violin.
  • Greatest Achievement: I have an A-level in Media and Computing.
  • Favourite Food: Pizza and Chips.


Next Day Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I am in a band called Honeymoon Suite.
  • Greatest Achievement: Learning to play an instrument.
  • Favourite Food: Double sausage & egg McMuffin.


Next Day Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I’ve got a rottweiler called Bella.
  • Greatest Achievement: Ran a race for life.
  • Favourite Food: Potato.

Hannah K

Customer Accounts Assistant

  • Interesting Fact: I’ve done an open top, land rover experience in the sunny Algarve hills, and I picked fresh oranges.
  • Greatest Achievement: I have never broken a bone.
  • Favourite Food: Anything with chillies or cheese in.


Michael P

Marketing Manager

  • Interesting Fact: I’ve dislocated my knee 7 times!
  • Greatest Achievement: Running a half marathon
  • Favourite Food: Lamb rogan josh!

Mike S

Product Photographer

  • Interesting Fact: Worked on a cattle station in outback, Australia
  • Greatest Achievement: Marrying my wife
  • Favourite Food: Slow cooked Italian beef tagliatelle

People Team


People Manager

  • Interesting Fact: Doing a Skydive and Doing the 3 Peaks Challenge – Both for different Charities.
  • Greatest Achievement: Completing my Payroll Management Degree with open University whilst working full time and part time simultaneously.
  • Favourite Food: Mac and Cheese or Domino’s Pizza.